Hanselminutes Podcast by Scott Hanselman

The Hanselminutes podcast

Fresh Tech Talk from Fresh Faces

Hi! Our show prides itself on our audio quality. While we're a small show, we sound great. Here's how we will record with you.

  • You'll want to use a decent pair of USB headphones with mic, rather than an iPhone headset or your laptop's microphone. Please use quiet room.
  • Ideally you'll borrow a USB Condenser Mic like a Samson C01U or a Snowball. Perhaps you know a friend or colleague with one?
  • We'll use Zencastr.com at a URL I'll send you in a calendar invite. Please use Chrome, and if possible, a wired internet connection. Zencastr requres no plugins and will record both both sides of the call. When I end the call, Zencastr will upload a WAV file to my Dropbox from your computer. Please don't close the browser until that's done!
  • When we're done I'll stitch your locally recorded WAV file together with my own locally recorded one and it'll sound amazing!

The result is a great sounding show that makes us all sound good.